Stainless Steel Clamps


Our company is a producer of all kinds of metal products obtained through procedures  of  die cutting/punching and pressing large series of various girders using automatic industrial tools and presses  (see the list of products).


All products have been produced on the basis of our technical drawings but  we are willing to produce any  of  your products based on your technical drawings. We will be glad to cooperate with you.

ISO 1090/1 certificate

Our company has  the  ISO 1090/1 certificate. Our products are produced in  large quantities – batches. We are experienced  in  producing all kinds of girders of various shapes.

Keramik-fasade and Carrier for parquet and laminate

Our company is mainly engaged in manufacturing Stainless Steel Clamps, especially Stainless Steel Clamps for ceramics. Our Keramik-facade for facade systems are characterized by the highest quality. Innovation of our products distinguishes us from the competition. Find out why we are the best.

Our company can also provide you with a carrier for parquet and laminate. Our production is specialized and can produce all the rails according to customer preference. We produce the most Stainless Steel Holder, Stainless Steel Clamps, Steepleboarding,Clips for socket strips, Stainless steel clamps for ceramics facade (Facade systems).


  • Stainless Steel Holder
  • Stainless Steel Clamps
  • Steepleboarding
  • Clips for socket strips
  • Stainless steel clamps for ceramics facade (Facade systems)

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(+381) 64-562-9032    |    |     Smederevska Palanka 11420, 121 Kralja Petra I Street    |     General Manager: Dragoš Jovanović

The company “DRAGOJOV“ was founded  in 2007.
Basic activity: production of metal products.
Company’s activity code: in compliance with  the  Court Registry of the Republic of Serbia – 2511.
Main office: Serbia, Smederevska Palanka 11420, 121 Kralja Petra I Street
General Manager: Dragoš Jovanović

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